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T.H. Shadwell Clerke [facsimile signature].
T.H. Shadwell Clerke [facsimile signature]. Athenaeum Portraits No 11.
E.U. Ellis del.t. W.D. Lith. [William Drummond]. Printed by Day & Haghe.
London, Published Nov.r 14th 1835, by Tho.s McLean, 26, Haymarket.
Rare lithograph on chine collé, laid on printed paper. Pritned area 230 x 180mm (9 x 7"). Some spotting and staining, mainly to edges.
Thomas Henry Shadwell Clerke (1792-1849), an Irish soldier who, after losing a leg at the Battle of Redinha (Peninsular War, 1811), became the editor of 'Colburn's United Service Magazine'. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Society (elected 10 April 1833), and vice-president of the Royal United Service Institution, of which he had been one of the originators. He was also a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Geological Societies, and an honorary foreign secretary of the Royal Geographical Society. In 1836, shortly after Clerk's death, Major Thomas Livingston Mitchell named two peaks in Victoria, Australia, 'Mount Shadwell' and 'Mount Clerke' in his honour.
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Michael Faraday Esq.r F.R.S.
Michael Faraday Esq.r F.R.S.
E.U. Eddis del.t 1831. Pr. by Graf & Soret 14, Newman St.
Lithograph. Printed area 130 x 110mm (5¼ x 4¼").
Michael Faraday (1791-1867), chemist and physicist who contributed to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. His work on electricity provided the foundation of modern electrical applications; a brilliant lecturer and one of the greatest of all experimental scientists.
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[James Baillie Fraser] [facsimile signature]
[James Baillie Fraser] [facsimile signature] Athenæum Portraits No 46. Day & Haghe to the King.
E.W. Ellis del. W.D. [WIlliam Drummond] Lith.
[n.d., c.1830.]
Lithograph on chine collé, on printed backing paper. Printed area Slight cockling. Bit messy in margin.
James Baillie Fraser (1783-1856), a Scottish travel writer and artist who wrote about and illustrated Asia Minor and India.
BM 1865,0610.1226.
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Francis Gore [Facsimile signature just below image.]
Francis Gore [Facsimile signature just below image.]
E.U. Eddis. delin. William Drummond litho.
London, Published June 26th. 1835. by Thos. McLean, 26 Haymarket. Printed by Lefevre & Kohler, 52 Newman St.
Lithograph. 206 x 176mm. Some spotting.
Francis Gore, (1769-1852) was a British officer and British colonial administrator. Gore was commissioned into the 44th Foot in 1787, but transferred to the 54th Foot in 1794 and the 17th Light Dragoons in 1795. He retired with the rank of major and then became Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada from 1806 to 1811. Gore's administration built roads, reorganised the militia and founded schools. He was absent on leave during the War of 1812 as military authorities ran the province. His stand-in during this time was Isaac Brock, who "sought an active role in the impending war as keenly as Gore sought to escape it". Gore resumed his role as lieutenant-governor from 1815 to 1817. During his second term, Gore prorogued the Legislative Assembly after it challenged his ban on issuing land grants to American refugees and made other criticisms of his administration. Robert MacIntosh, in his book Earliest Toronto, describes Gore as "a man who was clearly the most incompetent and disliked Lieutenant Governor in the history of Upper Canada". Gore Vale, a north-south street on the eastern boundary of Trinity Bellwoods Park on the west side of downtown Toronto, is named after him.
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Rev.d William Jacobson, M.A.
Rev.d William Jacobson, M.A. ''Vice Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford.''
E.U. Eddis, del.t. 1839. J. Graf Printer to Her Majesty.
Tinted lithograph. Sheet 280 x 190mm (11 x 7½"). Laid on album paper at corners.
William Jacobson (1803-84), made Vice Principal of Magdalen in 1832, before becoming Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford University (18481865) and Bishop of Chester (18651884).
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Charles Konig Esq.
Charles Konig Esq.
E.H. Eddis del 1831. Printed by J.M. Johnson, Norwich.
Lithograph. Printed area 130 x 110 (5¼ x 4¼").
Charles Dietrich Eberhard Konig (1774-1851), a German naturalist who came to England in 1800 to organize the collections of Queen Charlotte. He then became assistant to Dryander, librarian to Joseph Banks, before beoming assistant keeper of natural history in the British Museum in 1807 and keeper in 1813. In 1837 the Department of Natural History was divided into three branches; Konig took charge of Geology and Mineralogy, a post he held until his death. His 'Icones fossilium sectiles' (1820-5) is a classic text in that field. 'E.H. Eddis' is likely Eden Upton Eddis.
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Rob.t Palmer [facsimile signature].
Rob.t Palmer [facsimile signature].
Painted by E.U. Eddis. Engraved by J.J.Chant.
London, Published August 18th 1863 by Henry Graves & Co. the Proprietors Publishers to the Queen, 6. Pall Mall.
Mezzotint on india, Printsellers' Association blindstamp. 600 x 490mm. Crease in image.
Robert Palmer (1793-1872), Tory MP for Berkshire 182531. He was a magistrate in 1815 and High Sheriff of Berkshire in 1818. In his will he endowed 'Robert Palmer's Almshouse Charity,' which remains active today.
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S.W. Singer Esq.r.
S.W. Singer Esq.r.
E.U. Eddis del.t 1831. Pr. by Graf & Soret 14, Newman St.
[n.d, c.1831.]
Lithograph. Printed area 130 x 110 (5¼ x 4¼"). Crease in wide margins.
Samuel Weller Singer (1783-1858), Shakespearian scholar and author of 'Researches into the History of Playing Cards; with Illustrations of the Origin of Printing and Engraving on Wood', 1816, a pioneering work on the subject.
See NPG 5822 for the original pencil sketch, dated 1831.
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Edgar Taylor Esq. F.S.A.
Edgar Taylor Esq. F.S.A. Author of Waces Chronicle of the Norman Conquest, The Book of Rights, Lays of the Minnesingers, &c. &c.
Painted by E.U. Eddis Esq.e. Engraved by C. Turner A.R.A.
London. Published August 10th 1841 by Mr Turner No 50 Warren St. Fitzroy Squ.e.
Rare mezzotint. 390 x 290mm (15¼ x 11½"), very large margins. Damp stain in margin.
Edgar Taylor (1793-1839), solicitor, author and translator. In 1823 he anonymously produced the first English version of Grimms' Fairy Tales, illustrated by George Cruikshank.
Whitman 552.
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Sir Frederic Thesigner, M.P.
Sir Frederic Thesigner, M.P.
Painted by E. =U. Eddis. Engraved by W. Walker.
London April 1847, W. Walker, Execudit, 64, Margaret S.t. Cavendish Square.
Rare mezzotint. Plate: 380 x 520mm (15 x 20½").
Half portrait of Sir Frederic Thesiger (1794-1878) a Conservative politician who served as Lord Chancellor between 1866 and 1867 under Lord Derby.
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