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General Arnold.
General Arnold.
April 10 1783 by William Richardson No 174 Strand.
Stipple, very scarce proof. Sheet 155 x 110mm (6¼ x 4¼"). Trimmed within plate, crease on left.
Benedict Arnold (1741-1801), the American general whose traitorous plan to to surrender West Point to the British was foiled. The portrait was engraved by Burnet Reading after the original painting by Pierre Eugene Du Simetiere. The completed print was published May 10th, a month after this proof.
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[John Dickinson.]
[John Dickinson.]
[Drawn from the life by Du Simitiere in Philadelphia] B.B.E. [inscribed lower right].
[n.d. c.1780].
Etching and stipple engraving. Sheet 120 x 110mm. Trimmed inside plate.
John Dickinson [1732 1808]. American Revolutionary politician and pamphleteer who became the leading conservative voice of opposition to Great Britain through his Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania (17671768).
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General Reed,  Member of the Congress.
General Reed, Member of the Congress.
Drawn from the Life by Du Simetiere in Philadelphia. B. Reading sculp. [faint scratched letters underneath image].
Publish'd May 10th 1783 by Wm. Richardson 174 Strand.
Etching with stipple engraving. Sheet 153 x 135mm. Trimmed to plate.
Joseph Reed [1741 1785], American Revolutionary political leader and army officer. He studied law, was admitted (1763) to the bar, and then went to London to study at the Middle Temple. After returning (1765) to practice law in Trenton, he took an active part in pre-Revolutionary affairs. After settling (1770) in Philadelphia Reed became a member of the committee of correspondence (1774) and president of the Pennsylvania provincial congress (1775). In the war he served as military secretary to George Washington and as adjutant general and took part in a number of battles. He served in the Continental Congress (177778). As president (177881) of the supreme executive council of Pennsylvania he abolished slavery in Pennsylvania and caused (1778) Benedict Arnold to be prosecuted on charges of corrupt practices. He was a trustee and founder of the University of the State of Pennsylvania (later the University of Pennsylvania). Plate IV from 'American Legislators', Pierre Eugene du Simitiere opened a Natural history Museum in Philidelphia in 1782. his portraits of notable Americans and presidents are highly regarded.
See Library of Congress: 146.
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