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Auction Extraordinary.
Auction Extraordinary. HB Sketches No. 522.
HB. A. Ducotés Lithog.y 70 St. Martins Lane.
Publsihed by T. McLean, 26 Haymarket, 23rd Feb.y 1838.
Hand coloured lithograph. 'HB Subscribers Copy' blind stamp in lower left corner. Sheet size: 385 x 285mm (15¼ x 11¼"). Tipped into backing sheet.
A scene inside an auction room, with the auctioneer (George Robins) standing behind a pulpit, auctioning objects listed to the left in an advertisement. The dishes to be auctioned are carried around by two men in the foreground, and examined by a man standing in to the left (Lord Brougham), and two men at the right (Duke of Wellington, Sir Robert Peel). Two men standing in the background (Thomas Spring Rice, Lord Russell) are watching the scene. The scene makes reference to Lord Melbourne who was 'a guest at the dinner-table of Her Majesty, and when she was at Windsor, he lived almost wholly at the Castle. The desolate state of his own home was the subject of frequent remark in the daily papers, and furnished occasion for a good deal of pleasantry', from 'An Illustrative Key to the Political Sketches of H.B.', London 1841.
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Curious Inns And Outs.  Or  The Disputed Thunder!
Curious Inns And Outs. Or The Disputed Thunder!
Printed at 72 St. Martins Lane.
Published by T Mc.Lean, 26 Haymarket, Decr. 1842.
Lithograph, 305 x 410mm. Light foxing/staining. Trimmed to printed border at left, extreme upper left corner of border missing.
A satire on 1840's party politics during the Corn Law debates. The Corn Laws were import tariffs designed to support domestic British corn prices against competition from less expensive foreign-grain imports between 1815 and 1846. The Anti-Corn Law League, founded in 1838, was peacefully agitating for their repeal. By John Doyle (1797 - 1868), the Irish lithographer famously know by his 'H B' monogram that appears in the lower left of the image. Also 'Suscribers Copy' blindstamp below this.
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