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Petrus Apianus Binvitzius Astrologus.
Petrus Apianus Binvitzius Astrologus.
[by Theodore de Bry.]
[n.d, c.1660.]
Engraving with very large margins, printed on 17th century watermarked paper. 140 x 110mm (5½ x 4¼".
Portrait of Petrus Apianus (latinized from Peter Bienewitz) (1495- 1552), German cartographer, astronomer & mathematician, in decorative border with insects and plants. His most famous works were his cordiform world map 'Tipus Orbis Universalis juxta Ptolomei Cosmographi Traditionem et Americi Vespucii Aliorque Lustrationes' of 1520, the 'Cosmographicus liber' of 1524 and the 'Astronomicum Caesareum' of 1540. From a later printing of Jean Jacques Boissard's 'Icones virorum illustriumí originally published 1597-8.
Wellcome: 84 - not in.
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Hadrianus Iunius Hornanus Medicus. B.
Hadrianus Iunius Hornanus Medicus. B. Invidiam vincis studio probitate labore, Gratia nunc meritus reddita digna tuis.
Nasc Hornae Ao. ob Ao.
[n.d. c.1645.]
Engraving. 140 x 108mm. 5½ x 4¼".
Half-length, right pose; wearing robe trimmed with fur and cap; holding quill pen in left hand, writing; pillars with arch in background. Adrianus Junius [Horna] (1511-1575) was a Dutch physician, classical scholar, translator, lexicographer, antiquarian, historiographer, emblematist, school rector, and Latin poet. Engraved by Theodore de Bry; plate to J.J. Boissard's "Icones et Effigies Virorum".
Ex Collection: R. Hobson of Hove. In the National Library of Medicine. R. Burgess, Portraits of doctors & scientists in the Wellcome Institute, London 1973, no. 1558.2.
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