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Coup D'une Galare Avec Ses Proportions
Coup D'une Galare Avec Ses Proportions
Barthelelmy Chasse delineavit et Sculpsit.
Se vendent a Marsailles Chez Laurent Bremons sur le poer, au coin de reboul.
Engraving. 530 x 555mmm (17 x 21¾"). Some loss at centre fold.
A cross-section of a merchant galley, illustrating the cargo sections, after Captain Henry Sbonski de Passebon, who was stationed at Marseilles as a Lieutenant in the Corps des Galeres. It was one of three such diagrams in Michelot & Bremond's 'Carte Generalle de la Mer Mediterranee' (in effect a 12-chart sea atlas).
[Ref: 32565]   £280.00  
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