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George Sand.
George Sand. (Salon de 1839.)
Peint par A. Charpentier. Grave par N. Desmadryl.
Paris, chez Picot, Rue de Coq. St. Honore, 2 [n.d., c.1840].
Mezzotint. 268 x 190mm. 10½ x 7½"
George Sand (Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin, later Baroness Dudevant) (1804 - 1876), novelist and feminist. George Sand was an amazing author, personality, and all-around woman. She earned as much notoriety for her Bohemian lifestyle as for her written work. Born Aurore Dupin, she was the most famous woman writer in 19th-century France. A prolific and iconoclastic author of novels, stories, plays, essays, and memoirs, she represented the epitome of French romantic idealism. She demanded for women the freedom in living that was a matter of course to the men of her day. George's first independent novel, Indiana, the story of an unhappy wife who struggles to free herself from the imprisonment of marriage (explicitly called a form of slavery), made her an overnight celebrity. Subsequent novels, such as Valentine and Lélia, astounded readers with their frank exploration of women's sexual feelings and their passionate call for women's freedom to find emotional satisfaction. In the eyes of many critics, George's masterpiece is her autobiography. Though she was a brilliant writer, she was perhaps most famous for her personality and lifestyle.
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George Sand.
George Sand.
A. Charpentier del. H. Robinson sc.
a Paris chez Aubert et Cie. [n.d., c.1830.]
Engraving. Sheet: 220 x 145mm (9 x 6").
A portrait of Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin (1804-1876), French novelist more commonly known by her pen name George Sand.
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