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The ''America'' Schooner, 170 Tons,
The ''America'' Schooner, 170 Tons, Winning the Royal Yacht Squadron Cup & Passing the ''Victoria & Albert'' off the Needles. Friday, August 22nd 1851.
Augustus Butler, Del.t & Lith.
Printed & Pub.d by Stannard & Dixon, 7 Poland St. [n.d., c.1851.]
Rare tinted lithograph with touches of hand colour. Printed area 280 x 340mm (11 x 13½").
A marine scene showing the Schooner Yacht 'America' sailing off the coast of the Isle of Wight in 1851. HMY Victoria and Albert was a twin-paddle steamer used as the royal yacht. For winning the race, 'America', built by a syndicate of members of the New York Sailing Club, was awarded the '£100 Cup'. Now known as 'The America's Cup' after the first winner, it is the oldest international sporting trophy.
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The Camp at Chobham,
The Camp at Chobham, Taken Immediately after the Arrival of the Troops, June 14th. 1853.
Augustus Butler, Delt. & Lith. Stannard & Dixon, 7, Poland St.
London, Printed & Pubd. June 17th 1853 by Stannard & Dixon, 7, Poland St.
Fine hand coloured lithograph, sheet 365 x 520mm. 14½ x 20½". Closed tears, one into image upper left; crease through lower left corner. Tears in publication line repaired.
Queen Victoria and the royal family survey troops parading for inspection between lines of tents from high ground in this dramatic composition. From 14 June to 25 August 10,000 men, 1,500 horses and 24 guns mustered on Chobham Common in Surrey for drill, field operations and parades, under the command of Lieutenant-General (later Field Marshal) John Colborne, First Baron Seaton (1778 - 1863). Known as the 'Great Camp', Chobham was the scene of the first large-scale manoeuvres in Britain since the Napoleonic Wars. The object of the encampment was to improve the efficiency and discipline of the British Army, which had not seen active service in Europe in nearly forty years. These preparations proved invaluable in the Crimean War of 1854-1856.
Ogliby: 152, 1.
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