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Brighton Suspension Chain Pier.
Brighton Suspension Chain Pier. This brilliant specimem of modern architecture was projected & executed by Cap.n S. Brown R.N. its foundation consists of four clumps of piles, 258ft. distant driven nearly 8ft...The length of the esplanade to the beginning of the Pier, is 1250 ft. & along which carriages pals. Commened Oct.r 1822 openened to ye publick Nov. 1283. Estimated expence 30.000l/
Drawn, Engraved, Printed & Publish'd, by J. Bruce, Brighton.
[n.d. c.1824.]
Aquatint, paper watermarked, with very large margins: J Whatman 1823. 276 x 376mm (10¾ x 14¾"). Some creasing.
The Royal Suspension Chain Pier, designed by Captain Samuel Brown and built in 1823. It was primarily intended as a landing stage for packet boats to Dieppe, France.
Provenance: Hermitage Hexham. Ford 195.
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Suspension Chain Pier, Brighton.
Suspension Chain Pier, Brighton.
This Splendid Structure was projected and Executed by Capt. S. Brown R.N. Drawn, Engraved, Printed & Publish'd by J.Bruce, 28 Middle St, Brighton.
Very fine coloured aquatint. 165 x 255mm. 6½ x 9¾". Large margins.
The Royal Suspension Chain Pier, with nine lines of description either side of the title. In the foreground are two wheeled bathing huts. Designed by Capt. Samuel Brown and opened in 1823, costing £30,000. From 1825 steam packet boats offered excursions to the Isle of Wight from the pier. However the exposed nature of Brighton beach meant that the pier was damaged by storms in 1824, 1833 and 1836. It was overshadowed by the opening of the West Pier in 1866, and remained open until 1896, when a survey found the head was nearly seven feet off perpendicular. Another storm destroyed it later in the year.
Ford: Images of Brighton, 187.
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Gilham Stanes Formerly Corporal.
Gilham Stanes Formerly Corporal. 62.d Reg.t Foot. Born at Brighton 1766.
Sketch'd from the life & Etch'd by J. Bruce.
Brighton, 1829.
Fine hand coloured etching. Platemark: 175 x 135mm (7 x 5½"). Very large margins.
A full-length portrait of war veteran, Gilham Stanes in part-uniform, on crutches, outdoors. A flagstaff can be seen at right, with a building in background. Stanes was severely wounded in the Irish Rebellion and discharged from the military.The Irish Rebellion of 1798 was an uprising against British rule in Ireland lasting from May to September 1798. The United Irishmen, a republican revolutionary group influenced by the ideas of the American and French revolutions, were the main organising force behind the rebellion. A short desciprtion of Stane's injury and his life after service is inscribed below the portrait.
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