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The Grand Match / Lex Talionis or Hit the First
The Grand Match / Lex Talionis or Hit the First See the Times June 22nd
[by I.B. Brookes]
Published by Brookes 9 New Bond Street [22 June 1832]
Lithograph with hand-colouring, sheet 300 x 420mm (11¾ x 16½"). Small nicks to edges. Apparent 'crease' in upper right is identical to British Museum's impression and suggests the appearance of the print dates to its production.
Pugilistic encounter in which the Marquis of Londonderry dispatches a blow to the face of the Marquis of Cleveland, while Brougham, Cumberland, Wellington and Grey watch. Satire on an exchange between Londonderry and Cleveland on 21 June 1831 and reported in 'The Times' the following day. Cleveland (a supporter of the Reform Act) battles with Londonderry (one of its most bitter opponents). This is a different state to the British Museum's impression, which has the date of publication and identities of those depicted in the lower margin. Little is known about the printmaker Brookes (1830-1837, fl.), whose work imitates the format of contemporary lithographs by 'HB' (John Doyle)
BM Satires 16716
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