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William Dakin
William Dakin Gent. Mag. Oct.r 1800 Pl.1
Branscomb, Newbury Pinx.t 1800 / B. Sc.
Published by Nichols & Son Nov.r 1st 1800
Engraving, sheet 210 x 125mm (8¼ x 5"). Trimmed inside platemark.
The October 1800 edition of the Gentleman's Magazine included 'Anecdotes of W. Dakin, a charitable Enthusiast', illustrated by this portrait. of Dakin. Therein, he is described as 'the famous man with the black beard, who goes around the country distributing money to the poor, which he did in the towns of Reading and Henley to a large amount'. The author writes that Dakin was 'not more than 45 years of age', and chiefly resident at Cliff Regis, near Oundle, having come from Yorkshire originally. Dakin was apparently 'infected...with the enthusiastic delirium' by a preacher, leading Dakin to 'fancy himself to be Jesus Christ'. After several 'acts of insanity' resulting from the delusion, Dakin was ordered to undergo medical treatment by a magistrate, after which 'he has been more reasonable and cautious'. While recounting Dakin's many charitable acts, the anonymous author refererences Dakin's 'suspicous' morality (living for several years with a woman who had deserted her husband and family to be his 'disciple') and his 'dubious' political opinions ('he has appeared at the head of two or three mobs'). At the time of publication Dakin was supposedly on a year's pilgrimage dispensing of the legacy of his recently-deceased sister.
See 'Gentleman's Magazine', October 1800, pp.921-2.
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