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Guilelmus III D.G. Angliae. Scotiae. Franciae et Hyberniae Rex
Guilelmus III D.G. Angliae. Scotiae. Franciae et Hyberniae Rex
Joh Brandon delineavit. P'a' Gunst sculps
Arn. Leers exc. cum Privilegio [1691]
Etching, platemark 335 x 230mm (13¼ x 9"). Large margins on 3 sides. Slight tear lower right; trimmed to plate on left. Collectors' stamp of Reverend J. Burleigh James verso.
Bust portrait of King William III (1650 - 1702) The posthumous son of the Stadholder William II of Holland and Mary, daughter of Charles I, William married his cousin Mary, daughter of James II and Anne Hyde in 1677. In 1688 he accepted an invitation by a group of leading statesmen to land in Britain with an armed force; after the flight of James II he was crowned king, jointly with his wife, in 1689. William's life-long devotion to the fight against French expansionism benefited from additional resources after he became King. Although he lacked warmth and physical presence he showed considerable political, diplomatic and military ability. Once in the collection of Reverend J. Burleigh James of Knowbury Park, Shropshire. An important collection of prints of all schools and periods, his collection of prints by Rembrandt and Dürer was particularly notable.
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