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A Meeting of Creditors.
A Meeting of Creditors. Assemblée de Créanciers.
J. Boyne del.t. W. Nutter Sculp.t.
Stipple, scarce. Sheet: 525 x 410mm (20¾ x 16"). Trimmed within plate, publication line missing. Trimmed to image along top edge.
An accountancy scene showing a room in which a standing man is presented with several unpaid bills by a collection of disgruntled creditors. On the wall behind is a picture of Kings Bench Prison reminding the debtor and the audience of the punishment for debt.
BM Satire 7615.
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[Shepherd resting in a field.]
[Shepherd resting in a field.]
Boyne [by John Boyne, 1806]
Pen lithograph, sheet 225 x 310mm (8¾ x 12½"). Glued to original backing sheet at top corners with printed border. Foxing.
Early lithograph by John Boyne (1750s-1810), Irish watercolour painter and engraver who lived a colourful and varied life. After moving to England at 9 years old and serving an apprenticeship to engraver William Byrne, Boyne soon gave up printmaking to join a company of strolling actors in Essex. He later took to the pearl-setting trade and worked as a drawing-master. Nonetheless he exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy in his later years, with works including Shakespearean heads reminiscent of J.H. Mortimer, and busy Rowlandsonesque social scenes. This print was included in the 1806 edition of the first portfolio of artists' lithographs, 'Specimens of Polyauthography', showing that even towards the end of his life Boyne was involved in new technical developments in printmaking. The new medium allowed artists to draw directly onto a prepared stone, allowing artists to make prints which arguably resembled drawings more than any earlier printmaking technique. Unlike many printmaking techniques, lithography required no special training as artists could work directly onto the plate and leave specialist printers to actually make the prints. For this reason many artists who were not trained printmakers (such as Géricault and Delacroix) often worked in lithography.
Ex: The collection of the Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd.
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