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Leopoldus I. D.G. Electus
Leopoldus I. D.G. Electus Rom: Imperator Semp: August: Germaniae, Hungariae, Bohemiae Etc Rex.
Phil: Bauttats Sculp.
Ex Formis N. Visscher
Engraving, 17th century watermark; sheet 350 x 245mm (13¾ x 9¾"). Trimmed; tipped into album sheet.
Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor (1640-1705). Leopold's reign coincided with conflicts with the Ottoman Empire in the Great Turkish War (including the famous Battle of Vienna in 1683), and three years against France. These included the War of the Spanish Succession, which resulted from Leopold's attempt to give his son Charles the entire Spanish inheritance, thus disregarding the will of Charles II of Spain. Engraved by Filibert Bouttats the Elder (1654-88), Dutch engraver working in Amsterdam, Antwerp and the Hague.
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Georgius Rakoczii
Georgius Rakoczii D.G. Princeps Transylvaniae etc.
Fred Bouttats sculp.
T. v. Merlen ex [c.1660]
Engraving, sheet 160 x 110mm (6¼ x 4¼"). Trimmed; glued to backing sheet at edges.
György Rákóczi II (1621-1660), prince of Transylvania. After making alliances with Sweden amongst other countries Rákóczi led a war against Poland which, after initial advances, ended badly. His land was subsequently invaded by Ottoman Turks and he died in battle in 1660.
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