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J.B. Poquelin de Moliere.
J.B. Poquelin de Moliere. Née a Paris en 1629m M. le 17 Fevrier 1673,
S. Bourdon Pinx. / Beauvarlet Sculp.
A Paris chez le Sr. De Mailly, Quay de l'Ecole près le Louvre. Avec Privilege du Roy.
Engraving, platemark 460 x 355mm (18 x 14"). Small margins.
Molière (1622 - 1673) actor and playwright. Born Jean Baptiste Poquelin, he took the stage name of Molière c.1644 and is considered one one of all French writers for his satirical plays such as 'Tartuffe' (1664-9) and 'Le Misanthrope' (1665). Engraved after the portrait by Sébastien Bourdon (Montpellier 1616- Paris 1671), who, after a period in Rome, became court painter to Queen Christina in Sweden.
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Peter and John Healing the Sick.
Peter and John Healing the Sick. From the Original Picture painted by Sebastien Bourdon, In the Collection of his Grace, the Duke of Devonshire; To whom this Plate is Dedicated, by his Grace's most Obliged and most Obedient Servant, John Boydell.
Seb. Bourdon, pinx.t, R. Earlom delin.t Tho.s Chambars Sculpsit.
Published by J. Boydell Engraver in Cheapside, March 1768.
Copper engraving, 345 x 380mm. 13½ x 15". Large paper.
Engraving after Sébastien Bourdon (Montpellier 1616- Paris 1671). After a period in Rome, Bourdon became court painter to Queen Christina in Sweden. Medical interest. Numbered 'No. 45', from "The Most Capital Paintings in England", a series of engravings in five volumes, late 1760s-1786, the first three of which (1769 to 1773) were originally published under the title Sculptura Britannica. These were a critical and financial success for the publisher John Boydell who promoted the interests of both artists, engravers and Patrons establishing a tradition in Britain for collecting prints.
Christopher Wright, 'The World's Master Paintings from the Early Renaissance to the Present Day'.
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[Christina, queen of Sweden]
[Christina, queen of Sweden] Christine peut donner des Loix / Aux Coeurs des Vainqueurs les plus braves [...]
Bourdon Pin. Nanteuil Sculpebat 1654
Engraving, sheet 255 x 195mm (10 x 7¾"). Trimmed; glued to backing sheet at edges.
Christina, queen of Sweden (1626-89). One of the most remarkable women of the seventeenth century, Christina succeeded her father as Swedish monarch at the age of six but abdicated in 1654, aged twenty-eight. She then moved to Rome, converted to Catholicism, and became an important patron of the arts. Engraving by Robert Nanteuil, one of the greatest seventeenth century engravers, after a portrait by Sébastien Bourdon (1616-71) now in the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm. Bourdon was invited to Stockholm by Christina in 1652 to become her court painter, and he painted several portraits of the queen over the next two years. Bourdon returned to his native France following Christina's abdication.
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