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[France] [Louis Barbedor.]
[France] [Louis Barbedor.] Lodoicus Barbedor e Stato Regii [...]
J. Boulanger delin. et sculpsit
Engraving, very scarce; 17th century watermark of a crown; 315 x 220mm (12¼ x 8½"). Trimmed inside platemark; crease through centre.
Louis Barbedor (1589-1670), writing master. Anagrams of his name in Latin below. Published in 'Les Escritures financière et italienne bastarde dans leur naiveté'. Engraved by Jean Boulanger (1608-c.1680).
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Alliance avec la republique de St. Marin.
Alliance avec la republique de St. Marin.
Boulanger d'apres Aubry. Litho de C. Motte rue de marais.
[n.d. c.1826.]
Lithograph, with very large margins. Sheet 444 x 596mm (17½ x 23½").
When Napoleon I had completed his conquest of Northern Italy and began to push his armies towards the edges of the norther territories of the Papal State, San Marino found itself forced to choose between maintaining the alliance with the Papal State or creating a new one with France. One of the Regents, Antonio Onofri, managed to gain the respect and friendship of Napoleon, and so Napoleon issued orders that exempted San Marino's citizens from any type of taxation and gifted them 1,000 quintals of wheat and four cannons. The state was recognised by Napoleon by the Treaty of Tolentino, 1797 and by the Congress of Vienna in 1815. Published in A.V. Arnault's 'Vie politique et militaire de Napoléon', Paris, 1822-1826.
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