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The Revd. Dr. Trusler, Aged 60.
The Revd. Dr. Trusler, Aged 60.
Bonmaison Pinxt. 1795. L. Legoux Sculpt. 1806.
Bath; Publish'd by Rd. Dr. Trusler 1807.
Stipple, rare, 180 x 130mm. 7 x 5". Large margins lightly foxed, and a little trimmed.
Portrait of the Reverend Doctor John Trusler (1735 - 1820), clergyman, student of medicine, bookseller, and author of 'Hogarth Moralized' (1768). He sits at a desk, an pen book in front of him, ink stand and quill and other books and papers also. Trusler commissioned William Blake to paint a picture to illustrate “Malevolence”, but Blake could not follow the clergyman's wishes: "I attempted every morning for a fortnight together to follow your Dictate, but when I found my attempts were in vain, resolv'd to shew an independence which I know will please an Author better than slavishly following the track of another, however admirable that track may be. At any rate, my Excuse must be: I could not do otherwise; it was out of my power!". Trusler refused Blake's work, saying he found Blake's "Fancy" to be located in the "World of Spirits" and not in this world.
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