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[France] Général Auber-Dubayet aujourd'hui Ambassadeur en Turquie.
[France] Général Auber-Dubayet aujourd'hui Ambassadeur en Turquie.
Boilly del.
Mezzotint with very large margins; band around waist coloured; 540 x 360mm (21¼ x 14¼").
Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Annibal Aubert du Bayet (1759-1797), French general and politician during the Revolution, show full-length in uniform, a battle raging behind. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he fought in the American Revolutionary War before travelling to France at the beginning of the Revolution in 1789. He began his political career with an anti-Jewish pamphlet 'Le cri du citoyen contre les Juifs', and was elected to the legislature in 1791. He served as President of the moderate 'Legislative Assembly' from 8 July 1792 to 22 July 1792, a month before the new National Convention took over, then as the Minister of Defense of France from November 1795 to February 1796. He was then appointed ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, tasked with helping Selim modernise the army. He died of fever in Constantinople in 1797.
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Réunion d'Artistes.
Réunion d'Artistes. Dédiée aux Amateurs des Arts.
Peint par Boilly en 1800. Gravé par A. Clement. Imprimé par Bassand.
à Paris chez l'Auteur, Cloitre des Bernadines d.ion des Plantes No.136 & à l'entrepôt de Thé, rue des fossés Montmartre, No.6'.
Stipple. 550 x 430mm (21¾ x 17"), very large margins on 3 sides Trimmed within plate on left, year entering plate taped, slight spotting. Some loss on left in margin
A group portrait of twenty-nine French artists, all seen head and shoulders, grouped together amidst clouds, in an oval. They include Boilly, Redouté, Isabay, Bourgeois, Demarne, Vernet and Gérard.
See BM 1882,0311.1242 for the original key of persons.
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La Serinette.
La Serinette.
Boily pinx. Honoré Sculp.
AParis chez Roger M.d d'Estampes, Rue des bons enfants a l'entrée du cloitre Honoré. [n.d., c.1800.]
Stipple. 510 x 370mm (20 x 14½"), with large margins.
A half-dressed woman and her maid listen to a music box on her dressing table.
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