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[France] Sully. Les Traits de Plume de Cet Ouvrage.
[France] Sully. Les Traits de Plume de Cet Ouvrage. Cour êté rendus a main levée Par Bernard membre au Bureau Académique d'Ecritur de Paris. La gravure a êté dirigée par l'Auteur.
Bernard fecit. Petit sculp.
Chez l'auteur Rue neuve des Peres No.8. Et chez Mr. Le Maine Membre Bureau Ruse St. Martin au Coin de cette de Venise No.220.
A very fine and rare engraving using many mixed methods. Plate 514 x 420mm. 20¼ x 16½". minor nicks and tears in outer edges of the paperbut effecting the plate mark on the left.
Maximilien de Béthune, Duke of Sully (1560-1641) was a French Minister and staunch Huguenot who acted as the right-hand man to Henry IV of France and assisted in the rule of France. He also greatly contributed to the rehabilitation of France after the Wars of Religion (1562-98), during which he enlisted in the Protestant Army and wrote a plan of a Christian Union of Protestant Europe.
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