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Ioh. Elias Ridinger.
Ioh. Elias Ridinger. Pictor et Scalptor Augustanus solertissimis Naturae Indagiusque in Animalius praeser. Delineatione Æmulator felicissimus natus Ulmae suevorum d.XVI Febr. A. S. MDCXCVIII Ars Artifici Amic.
I. G. Bergmüller invent. I. Iac, Haid ad vivam pinx. fecit et excuit. A.V.
[n.d., c.1750]
Rare mezzotint. 270 x 400mm (10½ x 15¾"). Trimmed to image
Portrait to waist of the German artist and engraver Johann Elias Ridinger (1698-1767). Portrait in an oval supported on an engraved stone, beside which is seated the goddess Diana who holds a bow. The spoils from Diana's hunting, which include a stag, a boar and several birds, lie around the portrait; a hound and a hooded bird of prey are seated alongside. Ridinger holds his palette and brushes, the outline of a stag is propped on an easel behind him. The animals and the woodland scene illustrate Ridinger's talent for depicting animals and their characteristics in their natural environment.
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