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Image of the Koustah Rajah, or Leprous King:
Image of the Koustah Rajah, or Leprous King: Sculptured in Granitic Rock, near Belligam, Island of Ceylon.
[J. W. Bennett]
[London: W.m Allen and Co,. 7, Leadenhall-Street 1843.]
Aquatint, scarce, sheet 120 x 170mm (4¾ x 6¾"). Trimmed around image and title.
Sculpted image of the Koustah Rajah or 'Leprous King' near Beligam in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). From ‘Ceylon and its Capabilities; An Account of its Natural Resources, Indigenous Productions and Commercial Facilities’.
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Fulton St. & Market.
Fulton St. & Market.
W.m. I. Bennett Pinx.t et Sculp.t.
Henry I. Megarey, New York. [n.d., c.1825.]
Aquatint. 300 x 395mm (11½ x 15¼"). Vertical centre fold.
The Manhattan Terminal for ferry service between Brooklyn and Manhattan was located between the current Piers 17 and 18 at the South Street Seaport. In 1814 Robert Fulton’s steam-propelled ferry on the new Fulton Ferry line to New York was introduced. The 'Road to the Ferry' was renamed Fulton Street in honor of the inventor. Fulton Market - across the street from Schermerhorn Row - first opened in 1822. The current Fulton Market building is the fourth to both share the location and name. The historic Fulton Fish Market dates back to 1835.
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The Origin of Species.
The Origin of Species.
[after C.H. Bennett]
[n.d. 1863]
Scarce wood engraving. 245 x 175mm (9¾ x 7"). Three horizontal creases. Faint stain in lower left corner.
The evolution of a muzzled bear into a crook, holding a watch to lure passersby and a 'garotte stick', or club, heavily alluding to Darwin's theory of evolution, 'The Origin of Species by means of natural selection, or, The preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life' (1860). A wood engraving after Charles Henry Bennett (1829-67). The lettering differs to the example in the Wellcome Collection, which is titled 'The origin of the garotte - (Drawn by Charles H. Bennett)'.
Wellcome 12108i
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St Paul's Through Waterloo Bridge. [pencil.]
St Paul's Through Waterloo Bridge. [pencil.]
Alfred J. Bennet [signed in pencil].
[n.d. c.1930.]
Etching, signed by the artist. 140 x 230mm (5½ x 9") very large margins. In original mount. Mint.
A view from the river, looking through the arches of Waterloo Bridge to St Paul's Cathedral and Blackfriars Bridge, with a tug on the Thames. Alfred John Bennett (1861-c.1923) specialised in paintings, drawings and prints of landmarks of London.
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