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Le Cholera.
Le Cholera. Pardon, mon Capitaine. Ma[...] crois bien que c’est en donnant une poignée de mans au camarade [...]ntre, que j’aurai attrapé la pidérnie que’il sori de l’hopital y a huit jours.
H.te Bellangé 1832. I.Lith. de Gihaut frères éditeurs.
Boulevard des Italiens No.5.
Lithograph. 228 x 183mm. 9 x 7¼". Stain in the title area. Some text missing.
Cholera didn't reach France until the second pandemic between 1829 and 1831, at which point 20,000 succumbed in Paris and 100,000 deaths in all of France. Here a scene of soldiers and their captain drinking away their pains and sorrows at a local street-side bar. One soldier is particularly drunk, hardly holding himself up against a senior officer.
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Bataille de Dresde.
Bataille de Dresde.
Bellangé del.t Litho: de C. Motte.
[n.d. c.1826.]
Lithograph. Sheet 445 x 596mm (17½ x 23½"), with very large margins.
The Battle of Dresden (1813), which resulted in a French victory under Napoleon against forces of the Sixth Coalition of Austrians, Russians and Prussian under Field Marschal Schwartzenberg. Unfortunately the French troops did not completely deter all the Coalition Forces, and a few days later at the Battle of Kulm, Napoleon's forces were surrounded and forced to surrender. Published in A.V. Arnault's 'Vie politique et militaire de Napoléon', Paris, 1822-1826.
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