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[Two images of the execution of Sokichi.]
[Two images of the execution of Sokichi.]
[Photographs by Felice Beato.]
[n.d., c.1868.]
Two photographs and an engraved card description, each c. 110 x 150mm (4 x 6").
Sokichi, a 22-year old servant, was subjected to death by tied spread-eagled crucifixion and spearing for the killing of Mikisasuro, son of his master Nuiske, during a robbery. The upper image shows a close-up detail of the positioning of his body; the lower image shows a more general view of the place of execution, with an array of heads, laid out on tables, illustrating the practice of 'gokumon'. This was regarded as the severest of the beheading punishments, as the heads were skewered on specially constructed stands, displayed for several days before being thrown away. Felice Beato (1832-1909) took photographs during the Crimean War, India Mutiny and Second Opium War before moving to Japan in 1863, setting up a commercial studio in Yokohama.
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