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Midnight. Minuit.
Midnight. Minuit.
T.Baston del. E. Kirkall Sculp.
T.Burford Exc.t. [n.d. c.1720].
Mezzotint. 200 x 260mm. Faint stain on print surface.
Ships at anchor, with anglers. The moon has a face.
Ex: Collection of The Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd.
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To His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales.
To His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales. Honi. Soit. Qui. Mal. Y. Pense. Ich Dien. [in crest]
T Baston F. J. Harris S.
[n.d. c.1721].
Coloured engraving. 209 x 305mm. Fine impression.
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The Revolt of the Fleet.
The Revolt of the Fleet. The Parliament having invested the Earl of Warwick with the command of ye Fleet contrary to his Majesty's Pleasure...[etc]. NB. Considering ye vast Improvement in Naval Building it was thought it would be most agreeable to represent ye Fleet as compos'd of Modern Ships, at top are several Hierogtyphick Figures.
S.N. fc 1728.
Etching, sheet 390 x 445mm. 15¼ x 17½". Tatty extremities. Paper age toned.
A fleet of British Navy warships is framed by columns and a tableau of allegorical and mythological figures above. The inscription below relates the events leading up to the revolt of British sea captains against Royal authority during the Civil War. On 10 March 1642 the House of Commons voted that Northumberland, the lord high admiral, should be asked to appoint Robert Rich second Earl of Warwick admiral of the fleet which was then getting ready to put to sea. The king ordered Northumberland to appoint Sir John Pennington, but the commons insisted, and Northumberland accordingly granted Warwick's commission. Charles I renewed the struggle three months later by dismissing Northumberland from his office (28 June), on which parliament passed an ordinance directing Warwick to continue in command (1 July). Armed with this authority, Warwick went on board the fleet the next day, overcame the resistance of those officers who adhered to the king, and was able to report on 4 July that the navy was at the parliament's disposal. Eighteen months later he was appointed lord high admiral in place of Northumberland. Warwick's ships were chiefly employed in guarding the seas, in intercepting vessels bringing supplies from the continent to the king or the Irish rebels, and in acting as auxiliaries to the land forces of the parliament. The king was obliged to rely entirely on ships hired abroad and on those belonging to the ports under his control. The plate seems to be engraved by Sutton Nicholls (1680 - 1740; fl), the London topographical engraver, printseller and publisher. After Louis Chéron (1660 - 1725) and Thomas Baston (1699 - 1730; fl.). Fine and rare in this early state.
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[Seascape with sailing ships on a rocky sea]
[Seascape with sailing ships on a rocky sea] Incubuere Mari totumque a sedibus imis / Una Eurusque Notusq; Ruunt creberque procellis / Africus, et vastos volvunt at Litor afluctus. Virgil
T Baston delin. [...] J. Sartor sculp. [1721]
Engraving, 18th century watermark, platemark 195 x 300mm (7¾ x 11¾"). Uncut sheet with large margins.
Plate seventeen from a set of twenty-two prints of ships in the Royal Navy and other seascapes. Engraved by Johann Jakob Sartor after Thomas Baston, marine artist (1699-1730, fl.), who made a series of marine prints for William III in 1699 and published the series of prints from which this plate comes himself. Epigram from Virgil below.
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Intonuere Poli, et crebris micat ignibus Æther. Virgil.
Intonuere Poli, et crebris micat ignibus Æther. Virgil.
Baston delin. E. Kirkal S.
[n.d. c.1720].
Mint etching, 18th century watermark. 215 x 320mm (8½ x 12½"), very large margins.
'And the air flashed with frequent fire'. A thunderstorm at sea with a ship struggling in high seas.
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