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Diane et Acteon changé en Cerf
Diane et Acteon changé en Cerf Tableau de Jacques Bassan, du Cabinet de Mr Dupille / Peint sur toille, haut de deux pieds, large de deux pieds cinq pouces gravé par E. Fessard.
Etching with large margins, platemark 350 x 405mm (13¾ x 16"). Crease in title area; foxing to edges; tear through title area. Messy.
Diana and Actaeon, after Italian artist Jacopo Bassano (c.1510-92). The painting, one of Bassano's final works (c.1585-92) is now in the Art Institute of Chicago. As recounted in Ovid's 'Metamorphoses', Acteaon saw Diana, goddess of the hunt, bathing with her nymphs. The furious Diana turned Actaeon into a deer, and here she (on the right) observes Acteaon, as a deer, pursued by the hounds who will finally kill him.
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Aestas. Sole niter tellus, formosa messibus aestas ridet, et algentes ore petuntur acquae.
Cum privileg. Bassan pinx. IS scalp.
[n.d. c.1580.]
Engraving, watermark, sheet 215 x 280mm (8½ x 11"). Trimmed to plate. Central tears on top and bottom edge going into image, stains on inscription area.
A summer landscape with a shepherd and a boy shearing lambs and a woman and three children eating in the foreground, harvest scene in the middle ground with farmers cutting wheat on the left, while others load a bull-driven cart with sheaves in the centre, and three farmers threshing the cereals next to a barn at right. A village and hills are visible in the background. This is one of ‘Four Seasons’, a series of four allegorical plates showing the seasons after Bassano, engraved by Jan Sadeler c.1580.
Hollstein: 507.
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Bassan pinx.
AParis chez Chiquet rue S.Jacques au Grand S. Henry. [n.d., c.1700.]
Engraving. 125 x 290mm (5 x 11½"). Small margins. Slight very small pinholes top centre. Surface soiled.
A winter landscape with a man chopping wood, two figures unloading a donkey carrying a bundle of firewood in the centre, figures cooking a meal on a fire outside a rustic house, a man butchering a pig and a woman spinning wool. A later version of one of Jacapo Bassano's Four Seasons, originally engraved by Jan Sadeler c.1580.
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[Travellers with child on donkey]
[Travellers with child on donkey]
Basan pinx. E. Kirkall.
[n.d., c.1730]
Mezzotint, very scarce; sheet 265 x 340mm (10½ x 13½"). Trimmed inside platemark
Rural subject after Italian artist Jacopo Bassano (1510/18-1592) by Elisha Kirkall (1681/2-1742), one of the most distinctive of British engravers. Kirkall used the mezzotint technique which in the 17th and 18th century was used predominantly for portraits and domestic subjects, and used it to render a range of subjects usually represented in line engravings at the time, including naval and topographical subjects.
Ex: Collection of the Late Hon. C. Lennox-Boyd
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