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The Dead Knight.
The Dead Knight. His houndes they lie downe as his feete. So well they their master keepe, his haukes they flie to eagerly There's no fowle dare come him nie" Border Minstrelsy.
Drawn & Lith.d by W.m Barraud.
Day & Haghe to the King, Gate St. Linc.Inn F.ds [n.d. c.1836.]
Lithograph on india, very scarce. 400 x 507mm. 15¾ x 20".
A knight lies on the ground, still with dagger in his hand. His hounds stay guard as loyal friends with his hawks flying above and one sitting on the tree nearby, also keeping watch. The verse is from ''The Three Ravens'', an old English ballad which predates 1611, when it appeared in Thomas Ravenscroft's ''Melismata. Musicall Phansies. Fitting the Court, Citie, and Countrey Humours'', a collection of folk songs.
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W. & H. Barraud lithog.
Printed by Hullmandel & Walton. [n.d., c.1840.]
Tinted lithograph, rare. Sheet: 370 x 535mm (14½ x 21"), with large margins.
A portrait of two pointers, one standing, the second lying down by the game bag and rifles.
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John Warde,
John Warde, on Blue Ruin, with his favorite hound Betsy. To Samuel John Nicoll of Lyndhurst, Hants, this plate is respectfully inscribed by his obliged Servant, William Barraud.
Painted by W.Barraud. Engraved by T.Lupton.
London, Published Feb. 10, 1830; bt Moon, Boys, and Graves, Pall Mall. Also may be had in Colours, at R.Ackermann's Eclipse Sporting Gallery, 191, Regent Street.
Colour-printed mezzotint, framed. 460 x 530mm, 18 x 20¾". Unexamined out of frame.
John Warde, mounted on a brown hunter, his hound Betsy with a 'W' brand. A hunt in left distance. He hunted in Oxfordshire & Northamptonshire. Charles James Apperley (Nimrod) 'Memoir of the Late John Warde, Esq.r' called him the Father of the Field'.
Siltzer, p.86.
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