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Fainasollis Borbar & Fingal...
Fainasollis Borbar & Fingal... Vide Macpherson's Ossian Poem of Fingal, book 3.d.
Barralet delin. T.Parker sculp.t.
London: Published by J.Deeley, March 1, 1809, 95 Berwick St, Soho.
Engraving. 440 x 500mm. On Whatman paper watermarked 1808.
According to the Scottish poet James Macpherson's interpretation of Celtic mythology, Fainasollis, the daughter of the king of Craca, was slain by Solis and avenged by Fingal.
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The Death of William Rufus.
The Death of William Rufus.
J. Js. Barralet delin. Fras. Chesham sculp.
London, Published as the Act directs July 1 1783 by Fras. Chesham No.11 Great Poultney Street.
Etching and engravin, rare. 376 x 342mm (14¾ x 13½"). Surface rubbing, trimmed.
William Rufus lying on the ground in a clearing in the New Forest, an arrow through his chest, his plumed hat and quiver beside him, with another man riding past behind him, holding up his bow and looking down at the body; in an oval. William Rufus, also known as William II (c.1056-1100) the third son of William I of England, and king of England from 1087 until his death. He was shot by an arrow by an nobleman named Walter Tirel, and was apparently then abandoned by the nobles at the place where he fell.
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