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[A master in the grand style & his pupils]
[A master in the grand style & his pupils] A Painter who relies on his compass, leans on a prop which will not support him: Vide, Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Print made by J. Bailey.
Published in London c.1818.
Etching. Printed area: 200 x 180mm (8 x 7¼"). Trimmed inside plate mark; horizontal crease towards top
Haydon's pupils work at large canvases on copies of one of the Raphael cartoons from Hampton Court, which extends across the wall forming a background. A bird with the portrait head of Haydon, wearing hat and spectacles, flies (left to right) in the upper part of the design; he blows a trumpet from which hangs a banner inscribed 'Director of the Public Taste'. On the large cartoon are figures showing Elymas struck by blindness. Behind an unidentified figure, on a board supported by a ladder is Thomas Landseer in profile to the left, wearing a fur trimmed overcoat to the ankles. The central figure is William Bewick, leaning back and sketching at arms length, supporting his arm with his left hand. Standing in profile to the right is Thomas Christmas, laboriously using a compass. He wears large shapeless shoes to imply that he is down at heel. Working at a portfolio which leans against Christmas's canvas, Charles Landseer stands on a board raised on steps, measuring with compasses the design on the cartoon.
BM Satires: 13034
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