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Richard Lander.
Richard Lander.
Drawn by W. Bagg, Jun.r. Engraved by T.A.Dean.
Published by Henry Colburn & Richard Bentley, 1836.
Steel engraving. 190 x 120mm, (7½ x 4¾"). Creases.
Portrait of Richard Lemon Lander (1804 - 1834), wearing Arab dress. who explored the course of the Niger river, West Africa. The son of a Truro innkeeper, Lander's explorations began as an assistant to the Scottish explorer Hugh Clapperton, on an expedition to Western Africa in 1825. After Clapperton's death near Sokoto, Lander proceeded southeast to Kano and then returned to the coast through the country of the Yoruba people. He returned to Western Africa in 1830, accompanied by his brother John. They landed at Badagri and followed the lower Niger River from Bussa to the sea. After exploring about 160 kilometres of the Niger River upstream, they returned to explore the Benue River and Niger Delta before travelling back to England. On a trading expedition up the Niger in 1832, Lander was shot when tribesmen attacked his canoe: he returned to the coast but died soon after, and was buried on Fernando Po.
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