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A Macaroni Ass Mach Between the Cubs NB. St-e Gamblers
A Macaroni Ass Mach Between the Cubs NB. St-e Gamblers Nature Display'd both Serious and Comic in 12 Designs Dedicated to S. Foot Esqr
[by William Austin]
Pubd as ye Act Directs May 1st 1773
Engraving, sheet 255 x 360mm (10 x 14¼"). Trimmed.
Two 'cubs' (ie sons of Henry Fox, first Baron Holland of Foxley) ride on horseback. The figure on the right, stood on an ass which refuses to cross the stream, is probably intended for Charles James Fox, while the figure on the left, jeering while crossing the stream, is probably Henry Fox, a keen horserider in his youth. Henry Fox, in the military academy in Strasbourg at this time, was stationed in Boston the following year and participated in the early battles of the American War of Independence. First in a set of twelve prints by William Austin (1721/33-1820), drawing-master and engraver. Austin taught caricature to amateurs and this series, which mocked several well-known personages (as did its dedicatee, the actor Samuel Foote) contains some of the most lively English caricatures of the period between Hogarth and the late Georgian satire of Gillray and Rowlandson.
BM Satires 5112; for others in the set see refs. 18916 and 18896.
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