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Robert Burns
Robert Burns In his Cottage composing 'The Cotters Saturday Night'...
Painted by William Allan, R.A. From the Original Picture in the possession of Robt. Nasmyth, Esq. Engraved by John Burnet, F.R.S.
London Published Nov. 1. 1836, by Hodgson & Graves, Printsellers to her Majesty, 6, Pall Mall [& in Edinburgh]. Printed by R. Lloyd.
Engraving on india paper, title in open letters. 560 x 410mm, 22 x 16". Laid on conservation tissue
Fictitious portrait of Robert Burns (1759 - 1796), poet. Burns shot to fame in 1786 with 'Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect' and the 'Scots Musical Museum' (1787) which contains some of his best-known songs. Burns was celebrated for using his personal experience of rustic subjects and local Scots dialects; Wordsworth wrote of 'Him who walked in glory and in joy/ Behind his plough, upon the mountainside.' After Sir William Allan (1782 - 1850), President of the Royal Scottish Academy.
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[Sir Walter Scott, Bar.t in his Study at Abbotsford.]
[Sir Walter Scott, Bar.t in his Study at Abbotsford.]
Painted by William Allen, R.A. Engraved by John Burnet.
London: Published March 25th, 1836 by Hodgson, Boys & Graves, Printsellers to the King, 6, Pall Mall, & Sold also by F.G. Moon, 20, Threadneedle Street.
Engraving on india, proof before title. 555 x 395mm, 21¾ x 15½". Margins spotted.
Sir Walter Scott seated in his study at his home at Abbotsford in Scotland, reading a proclamation made by Mary Queen of Scots. One of his many dogs, thought to be either Maida or Bran, sits by the fire. The artist made a record of the many remarkable objects in the room: 'the vase was the gift of Lord Byron; the keys hanging by the window are those of 'Heart of Mid Lothian' or Old Tolbooth of Edinburg(h). The Sword suspended from the Bookcase belonged to Montrose, and the Rifle surmounting the various articles hanging over the Mantlepiece to Speckbacher the Tyrolese Partriot; near the Bookcase are hung an ancient Border Bugle, James VI's travelling Flask, and the Sporan or Purse of Rob Roy Mcgregor. Behind the Bust of Shakespeare is Rob Roy's long gun, above which is Claverhous's Pistol and below a brace formerly the Property of Napoleon'.
See NPG 321 for the original oil (1831).
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The Death of Archbishop Sharp.
The Death of Archbishop Sharp. To Sir Walter Scott of Abbotsford Bart. this Print from the original Picture in the possession of William Lockhart Esq.r of Germiston, Is respectfully dedicated by his obliged Servants, William Allan & James Stewart.
Painted by William Allan. Engraved by James Stewart.
London, Published April 3.d 1824 by Hurst, Robinson & Co. 90 Cheapside & 8, Pall Mall.
Copper engra with large margins. 480 x 640mm, 19 x 24¼".
The assassination of Archbishop Sharp by a band of Covenanters in 1679 on Magus Muir, outside St Andrews. Jailed during the Interregnum, Sharp was appointed Archbishop of St Andrews in 1661, just after the Restoration of Charles II. Despite being Presbyterian he sides with Charles against the Covenanters he had formerly represented, enforcing policies such as the Act of Supremacy (1669) which gave the King complete authority over the Church. After the Battle of Rullion Green in 1666 he is reported as having condemned to death eleven prisoners who had surrendered on a promise of mercy, telling them 'You were pardoned as soldiers, but you are not acquitted as subjects'. Such was his unpopularity in Scotland that when a group of Covenanters waiting to ambush the Sheriff of Cupar found Sharp instead they wasted no time in putting him to the sword, in front of his young daughter. This painting is hardly sympathetic to the Covenanters, who are depicted as ruffians, just as interested in looting the luggage as killing the defenceless Sharp. This conflicts with the Scottish perception of heroes dispatching a turncoat in league with the Devil.
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