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La Charité Humaine
La Charité Humaine Gravée d'après le tableau de l'Albane qui est dans le Cabinet du Roy. Large de 1. Pied 11 Pouces sur 1. Pied 6. Pouces de haut
Peint par l'Albane. Gravé par J. Daullé en 1763
A Paris chez la Daullé Quay des Augustins.
Engraving, platemark 370 x 495mm (14½ x 19½"), very large margins. Glued to backing sheet; stamp of bibliothèque Talhouet, du cabinet de la Lambardais lower left.
Allegory of charity, with a female figure picking fruit to give to the three children, one of whom suckles her breast. After a painting by Francesco Albani (1578-1660) then in the possession of the king and displayed at Versailles. The engraver Daullé obtained royal permission to engrave this painting and another in the royal collection. This painting is now in the Palais du Luxembourg, Paris.
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[Flight into Egypt.]
[Flight into Egypt.] Al Ill.emto R. P. Sig.mio...
Pier Mola. [after Francesco Albani.]
[n.d., c.1665.]
Engraving. Sheet: 465 x 310mm (18¼ x 12¼''). Very damaged, trimmed, torn and stained.
A biblical scene showing the flight into Egypt of the Holy Family. The enfant Christ plays with a crucific and angels. Engraved by Pier Francesco Mola.
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Nereides Nymphae. 38.
Nereides Nymphae. 38.
Franc Albano pinxit. Dom. Cunego sculpsit Romae 1771.
Exstat Romae in Aedibus Ghisus.
Engraving, very large margins. Plate 241 x 406mm (9½ x 16"). Water staining to left and upper edge; tears to right.
Two Nereids on a shore, one reclining while a cupid scatters pearls over her body, and the other one holding a seashell containing pearls and flanked by two cupids holding coral; in the background, to the right, a cupid with a fishrod. From "Schola Italica Picturae sive Selectae Quaedam Summorum e Schola Italica Pictorum Tabulae Aere Incisae Cura et Impensis Gavini Hamilton Pictoris", a series of forty plates.
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[The Rape of Europa]
[The Rape of Europa] ...Pavet haec: littusque ablata relictum/ Respicit [...] Ovid. L.2 Metam. Ex Tabula Albani asservata in aedibus Ill.mi D. Comitis Ferdinandi Bolognetti
Fran: Albani pinxit. Iacob: Freij sculp. Romae 1732
Fine copper engraving, 350 x 410mm (13¾ x 16") to platemark. Crease through centre, large margins at sides and bottom.
Europa carried by Zeus in the guise of a bull. Engraved by Jakob Frey from the painting by Albani then in the possession of the Bolognetti family and last seen in the Leuchtenberg sale in the late 1920s.
for the painting see C. Puglesi, 'Francesco Albani' cat. 83.v.e
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[Venus endormée.]
[Venus endormée.]
Albano p: Piloty del.
[Munich: J. Stuntz, c.1830.]
Tinted lithograph with heightening in white. Printed area 310 x 380mm (12¼ x 15")
Venus asleep on a bed with two cupids under an awning, a stream behind. The picture is adapted from Francesco Albani's 'Venus and Adonis', removing Adonis. This print was published in 'Les Oeuvres Lithographiques', a huge series of reproductive plates of paintings, by Johann Nepomuk Strixner (1782 - 1855) and Ferdinand Piloty (1786-1844). Their work did much to popularise lithography, as they showed the technique could achieve all the same effects as other engraving techniques.
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