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Sketches about Kurrah Mannickpore.
Sketches about Kurrah Mannickpore. by Lieu.t G. Abbott, 15th Reg.t Nat. Inf.y, in the Service of the Honourable East India Company.
[London, Colnagi & Son, 1831.]
10 tinted lithographs (of 11) on india, lacking all text. Each c. 280 x 380mm, 11 x 15". With another lithograph by Abbott from a different series. Some foxing.
A scarce series of views around Manekpore in Gujarat, India, lithographed by Nicholson, with the title by Gauci. The missing plate is apparently the dedication. According to the introduction, not present, this work was published for the benefit of Abbott's widowed mother and younger siblings, "now in England after a long residence in India", issued with the permission of the East India Company. The List of Subscribers (also lacking) lists 150 names suggesting this work is very rare: certainly it is not listed in Abbey Travel. We have not been able to trace the source of the extra plate, 'View Taken from the Top of the Breach in the Long Necked Bastion, Looking towards the Interior of the Fort. Bhurtpoore" (Bharatpur), lithographed by Templeton after Abbott.
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Sr. Wm. Watson, M.D.
Sr. Wm. Watson, M.D.
Abbott pinx.t Thornthwaite sculp.
[n.d. c.1780.]
Engraving. 140 x 101mm. 5½ x 4".
Sir William Watson (1715-1787) was a British physician, botanist and natural scientist, best remembered for his work on electricty. He did much to introduce Linnaeus' system of classification into Britain and was one of the earliest experimenters on electricity, being to investigate the passage of electricity through a rarefied gas. His experiments in 1747 to determine the velocity of electricity are of particular interest. The general belief at that time was that electricity was faster than sound, but no accurate test had as yet been devised to measure the velocity of a current. Watson eventually decided not to pursue his electrical experiments concentrating instead upon his medical career, but he continued to support others in presenting evidence to the Royal Society and became a champion of Benajmin Franklin.
W: 3127-2.
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