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[Part of frontispiece to 'Secrets of Art and Nature']
[Part of frontispiece to 'Secrets of Art and Nature']
[Ric. Gaywood Sculp]
Etching, 65 x 160mm. 2½ x 6¼". Trimmed and glued to backing sheet.
Top part of the frontispiece to 'Secrets of Art and Nature, being the Summe and Substance of Naturall Philosophy ... First designed by John Wecker ... and now much Augmented and Inlarged by Dr R. Read' (London, Simon Miller, 1660). Shows portraits of Saint Alberto Magnus and Alexis of Piedmont, author of 'The secretes of the Reuerende Maister Alexis of Piedmont containing excellent remedies against diuers diseases, woundes, and other accidentes, with the maner to make distillations, parfumes [...]' (1592).
BM 1884,1213.36 (full frontispiece)
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